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From Humble beginnings in the early 1930’s Cyril Anderson’s transport company grew from a one truck operation carrying general freight from Brisbane to Toowoomba into Australia’s largest and most Respected road transport company throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.


Back then it was a family affair. Cyril, his two brothers ‘Duck’ and ‘Curly’, Cyril’s wife Georgie and Curly’s wife Cush. Both families remain united today.

The combination of Cyril’s dynamic personality and his vision for the future along side Curly’s calm considered approach to business proved very successful.

At its peak the Western Transport fleet of trucks and trailers exceeded 500 units, the largest in Australia. The company serviced every mainland state with depots in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

Western Transport, Anderson Agencies, Mananoa Transport, Westco Motors, Great Western, Wesco Truck Sales and Western Oilfields Trucking were the basis of this great organisation.
  • 1936 Cyril Andersons Transport Company had grown to four trucks
  • 1937 Cyril Anderson changed the name of his Company to Western Transport
  • 1941 Cyril and Duck Anderson along with 14 other employees enlisted into Army. A manager was appointed to run the company and on returning Cyril found this had been unsuccessful. He asks his brother Curly to run the business.
  • 1950 Western Transport purchased Maranoa Transport from the Pollard family introducing the company to many more centres in South Western Queensland.
  • 1950’s Opening of Western Transport’s modern freight facility in Montague Road South Brisbane and the expansion of the Toowoomba Depot, ensuring the company was well placed to efficiently handle large volumes of goods for dozens of destinations.
  • 1960 Maryland Transport was purchased opening up fruit hauling both interstate and intrastate. A large depot was established in Stanthorpe to co-ordinate large tonnages of fruit and fertiliser.
  • 1961 As oil wells were being developed, Western Transport handles its first ‘Big Rig’ move to Mornington Island via Normanton. A convoy of over 40 vehicles transported the rigs and equipment to set up this enormous venture.
  • 1963 Great Western, the parent company of Western Transport, entered into a 50/50 partnership with Mack Truck Inc. Mack trucks Australia was formed, and the Directors were Cyril and Curly Anderson, with Curly being appointed Managing Director.
  • 1960’s Road Trains were introduced hauling general freight, oilfields equipment, mining equipment and pipelines.
  • 1972 Western Transport was sold to Bells Brothers from West Australia closing an important chapter in the development of road transport in Australia.

About Western Transport
The Western Transport Museum is where you can experience the in- depth story that is Western Transport.

On display is a select number of the legendary Mack Trucks that were considered at that time the best money could buy. Anyone who drove one was immediately elevated to a select group of drivers who were the envy of the transport industry.

Along with select other Western Transport vehicles, experience extensive footage shot as it happened, depicting the great moments and trying conditions that the drivers faced, as Western Transport forged the way to become the largest and most respected road transport company in its day.